It ís a radical shift to embrace any reactivity we experience and not make an enemy of it.

Rather than saying , "I must get over this, get rid of this" or "I must heal this," we go towards our reactivity and see it as our life force expressing in us that says, "See me, allow me."

Our liberation, our freedom is in attending to our greatest fears with an allowing presence.

The action of turning toward that which we perceive as the block in our lives is the act of self-compassion.



As world events continue to unfold, we have suspended all in-person retreats and gatherings until sometime in the last quarter of 2021. Many on-line courses and retreats are being offered, however, and we encourage you to write to Jeff Brown at for more information.

Links are also here for Robert's book, Reflections on Living Compassion; for a DVD set of Robert's course, The Embodied Spirituality of NVC; and for Robert's material available at the NVC Academy.