The journey Home is not an ideological experience. It takes place in the heart, in the great stream of feelings which flow through us. Our return to truth is a return to simplicity and not to cosmic information."

Stephen Schwartz

About Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) connects us with what is alive in ourselves and in others moment-to-moment, with what we or others could do to make life more wonderful, and with an awareness of what gets in the way of natural giving and receiving.

NVC strengthens our ability to inspire compassion from others and to respond compassionately to others and with ourselves.

NVC guides us to reframe how we express ourselves, how we hear others, and how we resolve conflicts by focusing our consciousness on what we are observing, feeling, needing, and requesting.

Nonviolent Communication awakens empathy and honesty, and is sometimes described as “the language of the heart.”

Marshall RosenbergNVC was created by Marshall B. Rosenberg, who has brought its message and teachings around the Globe.

NVC is a process language that evokes the natural, intrinsic desire to give to others. This language reveals the awareness that all human beings are only trying to fulfill life-giving, universal values and needs. This awareness stimulates natural compassion and encourages authentic connection with oneself and others.

The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) is the central clearing house and organizational center for this work and you may wish to visit their website at