For me, presence is a function of bodily existence. It is my body that helps me to be present.

If I try to be present from an idea, it is much harder. My intention is to always be present in the energy of my body — my breathing, my sensing.

We can only breathe in the present moment. We cannot breathe in the future or in the past.

We can only sense and feel any energy in the present moment.

Robert Gonzales

Living Compassion Links

The Centre for Compassionate Communication

The Centre draws on the work of Robert Gonzales, Stephen Schwartz and Marshall Rosenberg in presenting classes and workshops in Compassionate Communication and Compassionate Self-Care.

Lynd Morris


Lynd is a trainer certified by the international Center for Nonviolent Communication who offers workshops and classes in Nonviolent Communication as well as intensive programs—such as the Welcoming LIFE Program and the Sharing LIFE Program—which focus on living compassion practices developed by Robert Gonzales.

NVC Training Institute


The NVC Training Institute offers in-depth training in Nonviolent Communication from an orientation of the “Living Energy of Needs,” which helps people to access their inner resources and experience wholeness, well-being and empowerment from the inside-out.  The Institute is a team of trainers that includes Robert Gonzales, Susan Skye, Wes Taylor, Gregg Kendrick, Jeff Brown and Gina Lawrie.