"Most of all, know we have come here as friends; every conceivable difference that may exist outside this room is gone today. We are here to celebrate our friendship. In true friendship, there is no division. There is honesty, but no division. There is uniqueness of individuality, but no separation. There is self-love, but no egotism. There is strength, but no greater or lesser power. There is will, but no subjugation. There is energy, but no control- just flow. And finally, let us adapt as our theme today: brotherhood, sisterhood, oneness and strength."

Stephen Schwartz



























The LIFE Curriculum

Rachel Garmon
2018 LIFE REUNION RETREAT in the United States
Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center

Carefree, Arizona USA
October 6 - 13, 2018

This retreat is a continuation of the Combined LIFE / Living into Compassion retreats that have been held each year since 2009 for participants who have completed the LIFE program. Joining Robert in 2018 will be co-trainers Simone Anliker Kristin Masters, Elke Dobkowitz, & Matthias Heidel.

What you can expect:

Retreat Structure
The structure is designed to ensure that everyone has opportunities for self-discovery, support and variety. Each day is sequenced to offer:

There is an upper limit on the number who can attend and also on available single rooms. For the registration link or more information please contact Phyllis at phyllis@living-compassion.org.