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I am proud and very grateful to offer to you the video series: 

Living Compassion – the Waunifor Sessions.

In 2014, Gayano, Jason Stewart and I met to explore possibilities of how we could make my work more widely accessible, especially for people unable to attend live trainings or retreats. Our visioning lead to people coming together for a time of inspiration and connection, of learning in community and working together to create this resource --  a downloaded-able film that captures the richness of the work of Living Compassion.  
With the help and support of many friends, including filmmaker Carolyn Davies, Gayano orchestrated a three-day retreat in West Wales in March of 2016.  The entire retreat was professionally filmed and edited to create the series we are now able to present.

These video sessions include talks, demonstrations, group practices and reflections all recorded live at the actual retreat.  As you view the recordings, I invite you to join in and allow yourself to participate in the exercises as if you are at the retreat yourself, to more fully experience, learn and embody the work.

In additional to Gayano and Carolyn, many people contributed their time, talents and treasures to create this series and to make it available to everyone at no charge. I am more grateful than I can fully express to Gayano for all her hard work and dedication and to all who have joined us in realizing ours dream.

We had one more vision attached to this project.  That is to continue to make my work more widely accessible and available through a Scholarship Fund for anyone who wishes to experience it, regardless of financial resources.  If, after watching this series, you are moved or feel grateful for how it has contributed to your life, I invite you to make a donation to the Scholarship Fund. We would be honored to receive your support.

Donations of any amount can be made to the Center for Living Compassion and sent to 1135 SE Salmon Street L-1, Portland Oregon.  As the Center is a non-profit organization, your gift is fully tax deductible.

Contributions can also be made with a credit card via PayPal.  Just click the button below.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the videos (found here) and that you find they support your journey, living your passion and healing with compassion.

Robert Gonzales



CLICK HERE to access the videos.  Depending on your device and internet connection, they may be slow to download at first