Most of the vidoes are temporarily unavailable. We are working on the issue and thank you for your patience.


This series with Robert was filmed in 2016 at Waunifor Retreat Centre in West Wales. You can access the videos and make a scholarship fund contribution below:

Video 1: A Life Practice — Living Compassion

Video 2: Embodiment with Guided Practice

Video 3: Guided Process with Paul

Video 4: Dyad Inquiry Process — Jill and Richard

Video 5: Meditation on Innocence — A Guided Practice

Video 6: Changing My Relationship to What Is Arising

Video 7: Self Compassion — Guided Process with Claire

Video 8: Robert Acknowledges Marshall

Video 9: Living Life in a Liberated State

Video 10: Jill... Self-Responsibility and Reflections

Video 11: Healing Dialogue — Role Play