The journey Home is not an ideological experience. It takes place in the heart, in the great stream of feelings which flow through us. Our return to truth is a return to simplicity and not to cosmic information."

Stephen Schwartz

Relevant Links

Eastern and Central US

Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio

The Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio shares the principles and practices of Compassionate-Nonviolent Communication (NVC), working in partnership with other regional NVC organizations throughout the world, and with the international organization founded by Dr. Rosenberg, the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Charlottesville Center for Compassionate Communication

Lists trainings, events, and teachers in the Charlottesville, VA as well as general NVC information and NVC materials.

Great River NVC

Minnesota website centered around the Minneapolis/St. Paul community with upcoming events and trainers listed.


The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication is one of three New York NVC websites that contains news, events, trainers and a hands on NVC exercise.


Another of the New York websites.  This website has general info aabout NVC as well as events in NY, particularly events with Gail Taylor.

Brooklyn NVC

Another NY website.  This site lists trainings in New York as well as NVC information and links to NVC Teleclasses.

Maine NVC Network

This site carries program information for NVC offerings in Maine, including the NVC Integration Program.