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There is a basic life current or impulse resonating in and through us as a yearning of the heart, this current and yearning manifests as human needs.




A Letter from Robert Gonzales
September 2018

If you’ve studied with me or know about my work, you know that embracing life — all of life — with presence and compassion is at the very core of my personal daily practice and at the core of what I teach in all my Living Compassion and NVC trainings and workshops. 

Recently, I received the unexpected opportunity to embrace life with a serious medical diagnosis, esophageal cancer, which quite “out of the blue” has altered my journey. 

While I sense the life within me as profoundly precious in new ways every day, I feel grace and gratitude at the depth of my being where I find beauty beyond anything I’ve experienced before.  I feel an internal sustenance and strength that I trust implicitly and that I know is crucial to my healing.

And, there’s also the material reality of everyday existence where I face how the financial impact of my illness and recovery is affecting my ability to offer the work I wish to contribute to the world.

I’m deeply moved by the efforts of a group of dear friends who’ve taken the initiative to launch a Go Fund Me Campaign on my behalf.  I’m passing on their invitation to you here to contribute to this effort.

Since July of 2018, as I have gone through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I have needed to clear my schedule and cancel a significant number of the trainings that had been planned for many months.  This has resulted in a serious loss of income, something I had not anticipated nor planned for.

So, I’m asking — if and only if your heart is moved to contribute — would you make a tax-deductible contribution? The goal is to raise $65,000 by December 31, 2018.  Click on the photo below to link to the Go Fund Me site where you can make a donation.

I have such deep gratitude for ALL the ways love and support is being extended to me and my wife Ruth at this time.  I ask with an open heart, trusting in life and in the community of people with whom I have co-created wonderful and deep connections.

I hope our paths cross in the months ahead.

With love,